For me the Pagan/Witchcraft history begins in prehistoric times, when mankind just roamed the earth and lived with and from the land. Every peace of history that we can find of this timeperiod shows that we as a human being had a sense of what nature could give us and how we where supposed to use it. It shows a matriarchal world where the woman gained knowledge of how to use the surrounding nature.

This knowledge stayed with the woman, even when the society turned from matriarchal to patriarchal. Evey village had a woman who know how to speak to nature and use it’s resources for the best of the community. The wise woman, they where often called.

Unfortunatly during the middle ages the wisdom of these woman turned from something to be respected to something that must be feared. There are a lot of people who blame the Church, and although the Church probably excellerated this thoughts, I believe that it showed a change in the world. A change we stil see these days. We drifted away from the lessons nature taught us.

But not everyone drifted away. The lessons of nature became a familysecret, taught from mother to daugther, secretly to avoid being captured. It stayed this way untill in the early 1950’s information about pagan ways and witchrcraft became known to the public again.