Welcome. You have just stumbled upon my site. Take a seat and catch you’re breath. How did you get here?

You were looking for some information.

Although this website is created as my personal reference book, feel free to wander around. I hope you like what you see. Don’t forget! It is my personal reference book and it depicts the way I see things. Don’t take my information for granted. Always question what you read and follow you’re own truth.

You came here by accident

Oh my, that will be a bit of a shock! I am a pagan/witch and this is my digital personal reference book where I collect interesting information regarding paganisme and witchcraft. Feel free to look around and don’t hesitate too ask a question if you want to know something. If you feel that the information on this website is not you’re ‘cup of tea’. You do not have to inform me. You can exit by using the back button on you’re browser. We will part as good friends.